Kodjovi David WOGLO

Cloud/DevOps Engineer

About me

Passionate about IT world, especially cloud infrastructure, IT automation and IT management, I focus on the skills to acquire and develop in order to make the best in my field. I also place great emphasis on soft skills development and continuous improvement that I think are very necessary for a successful career in any field. I have the necessary Cloud skills and the ability to solve real-world problems with my cloud knowledge, I can find and implement the cloud solution that is most suitable for an existing need, while considering the best technical practices and cost optimization .



  • Cloud environment administration
  • infrastructure as Code
  • CI/CD
  • System Administration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ressource monitoring
  • Scripting (Python, Bash)
  • Automation
  • Git
  • Apache
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastrucure
  • Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V)
  • Windows Server
  • Linux (Debian, Red Hat)
  • IT and Network Security
  • Organization Policy Management
  • IT Support
  • Customer Service


  • Tech Review
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Interior design
  • Books

Professional experience

  • Associate Cloud Engineer
    cloud consulting, design and implementation services

  • IT Engineer Intern
    Setting up the Zabbix monitoring tool.
    Redesign of the the ITSM system based on Mysql, Apache web server.
    Deployment of the project management platform based on PostgreSql, JDK, Tomcat

  • Information Systems Project Assistant
    Deployment and configuration of an ITSM tool (GLPI) on AWS to launch a digital support service intended for both individuals and companies

  • IT Support Engineer intern
    Being a member of the helpdesk team composed of three members, we provided technical assistance to the bank's internal users at the head office and in the 10 branches throughout the country
    Redaction of new user's provisioning procedure contributing to the knowledge base update
    Documenting the use of the ITSM tool used internally

  • System Administrator
    Optimize a client IT infrastructure by a total overhaul of the existing network (structuring of the network using Vlan), integration of new services and solutions (Active Directory, access control, etc.)
    Provide technical support to enterprise Client


  • The Cloud Resume Challenge is a hands-on project designed to help bridge the gap from cloud certification to cloud job. It incorporates many of the skills that real cloud and DevOps engineers use in their daily work. The Cloud Resume Challenge is a multiple-step (It's roughly 16 steps) resume project which helps build and demonstrate skills fundamental to pursuing a career as a Cloud Engineer Read the blog here

  • This project consists in the deployment of a collaborative work, storage and file sharing platform based on the Oracle cloud infrastructure. The project is implemented using OCI's Compute service to set up the server, the isolated virtual cloud network (VCN) to set up the network connectivity and to define the controls necessary to secure access, notably the authorization of traffic on ports which, in addition to being carried out at the OS level, is also done at the network level to provide an additional layer of protection. Securing the web interface by setting up HTTPS uses an SSL certificate that is configured using Let's Encrypt

  • The solution manages network visibility and access by enforcing policies and rules on devices and users in enterprise networks. the resources used for the implementation of the project are : windows server promoted to domain controller, the implementation of radius authentication and the implementation of SSO for WIFI authentication, and the deployment and configuration of the CISCO ISE server (where the majority of the configurations have been carried out, in particular the access policies, etc.)


  • Ipnet Institute of Technology | Lome

Certifications & Badges

Soft Skills

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